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Shelving Configuration
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Palletizer Installation
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Pallet Racking Installation For:

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Pallet Flow Systems
Tear Drop Style Pallet Racks
Select Pallet Racks
 Multi-Level Racking Systems

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Shelving Disassembly for Industrial Warehouses 

Milwaukee Industrial Shelving Disassembly

Milwaukee Commercial Shelving Configuration

If you are tired of looking at your excess shelving, or simply want to move your current shelving to another location, call in the experts at AJ Enterprises today!  By utilizing the resources of an industrial shelving specialists you are able to save your company time, money, and labor, as well as get back to production as soon as possible.  We currently serve the Midwest region with our many different commercial storage services, and our proven record of success with many prominent businesses speaks for itself.  In addition, we also offer a large selection of other warehousing services such as:

·         Modular office installation

·         Mezzanine installation 

·         Pallet racking installation

·         Pallet racking repair 

We are your one-stop-shop for all of your general warehouse equipment installation and removal services, and it is our commitment to excellence that really sets us apart from our competitors.  We seek to provide you with a customer service experience that goes above and beyond your wildest expectations.  

Advantages to a Wisconsin Shelving Expert

Many of our potential clients often ask us what the advantages are to using a professional industrial shelving expert.  While there are a whole host of reasons, some of the most common include:

·         Speed = Efficiency = Money

·         Continual access to any equipment during work

·         Proper component storage

·         Peace of mind

Also, because we PROPERLY store all of your shelving components, this makes future reassembly and setup a breeze.

For more information on our shelving disassembly, any of our other services, or for any questions or concerns, feel free to contact an AJ Enterprise associate today!