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Wisconsin and Illinois Mezzanine Installation Services

Installing a Mezzanine

A mezzanine is a free-standing, elevated platform designed to use floor-to-ceiling space more effectively by providing additional levels for work or storage. Most models can be easily deconstructed and relocated, providing flexibility for your work space to reconfigure to meet your needs. 

To install a mezzanine, the experts at AJ Enterprises consult with you throughout the entire process:

  1. Planning: Our mezzanine installation professionals help you select the type of mezzanine to maximize the functionality of your work space. Experienced in the installation of all types and brands, our installers offer consultations to assess your space and are equipped to provide same-day quotes for mezzanine installation.
  2. Design: AJ Enterprises designs and customizes your mezzanine to fit your needs and space.
  3. Installation: Quick and cost-effective, our experts handle mezzanine installation with great precision to get your new work space up and running as soon as possible. Have an old mezzanine? AJ Enterprises installation professionals will deconstruct or move your old mezzanine.

AJ Enterprises performs mezzanine installation on all major brands of mezzanines, including Wildeck, Steel Solutions, Cubic Designs, Portafab, Steel King, Equipto, and more. No mezzanine installation company in Wisconsin or Illinois offers better service or mezzanine installation value. Cut out the middleman and get your mezzanine installed directly by AJ Enterprises.

Talk to the Wisconsin mezzanine installation professionals at AJ Enterprises for a free quote and fast, efficient service.
mezzanine rack Installation Wisconsin

A properly installed mezzanine with a lifetime warranty will double your warehouse space forever. AJ Enterprises will also disassemble or move your old mezzanine. For the best value on mezzanine installation in Milwaukee, Chicago, Green Bay, Madison, or anywhere in the Midwest, contact AJ Enterprises today. When you contact AJ Enterprises for a quote, we will get back to you the same day. No other mezzanine installation company in Illinois or Wisconsin is as responsive or professional. AJ Enterprises is the Wisconsin warehouse and mezzanine installation company helping the Midwest save money on premium mezzanine installation services.

AJ Enterprises also excels in Wisconsin modular office installation , pallet rack installation, and all other warehouse installation to help you make the best possible use of your warehouse space. Take care of all your disassembly, removal, and installation needs at once with AJ Enterprises and take your warehouse functionality to the next level.
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We can install any make and model of mezzanine, including, but not limited to:

For a mezzanine installation quote, CALL AJ Enterprises - 262.391.5058 - We will get back to you TODAY!

Storage Mezzanine Installation

Let the trained warehouse storage professionals at AJ Enterprise put unused air space in your warehouse to work with free standing storage mezzanines. Our storage mezzanines can be customized to meet the needs of your business and:

  • Can be built directly over your existing work areas:
    • Improve workflow efficiency, space utilization, and eliminate downtime
    • Maximize storage space and create additional floor levels in warehouses without expanding your production facility or completely rearranging your floor layout
  • Can be used for storage in multiple ways:
    • Keep valuable parts, equipment and tools off the main factory floor
    • Use the new area for additional fabrication and simple assembly workspace
  • Can house modular offices:
    • Free up floor space
    • Give management a better view of workers and product flow for easier direction

We are experienced in designing, engineering, installing and permitting industrial warehouse mezzanine systems that fully utilize the cubic area available and capitalize on storage space. Contact us to install a custom storage mezzanine meet your business needs.

For a storage mezzanine installation quote, CALL AJ Enterprises at 262.391.5058 TODAY!

Rack Supported Mezzanine

AJ Enterprises specializes in designing, building, and installing high quality rack supported mezzanines for your place of business. Rack supported mezzanines are most often designed around supporting heavy pallets of materials and supplies in order to:

  • Provide the most cost-effective way to create an additional floor level:
    • Eliminate downtime and expensive relocation costs
    • Include customizable features such as an open “deck-over” upper level or additional shelves to virtually double your amount of storage space
  • Be large enough to allow forklifts to place and remove loads from shelves with no impedance or trouble

We install rack supported mezzanine systems designed specifically around your company, your product and your space concerns or needs. Contact our professional mezzanine installation experts today for your customized storage solution.

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For a rack supported mezzanine installation quote, CALL AJ Enterprises at 262.391.5058 TODAY!

Shelving Supported Mezzanine

A shelving supported mezzanine from AJ Enterprises will help your company maximize available storage space and increase the overall square footage of your available work area. Shelving supported mezzanines are perfect for companies which specialize in product shipping or use pick and pull shipping methods.

All of our shelving supported storage mezzanines are constructed using standard equipment and high quality components for unmatched support. Additionally, your mezzanine can be customized to meet your needs by:

  • Featuring an open deck upper level or additional shelving
  • Utilizing adjustable shelves to fit almost any product:
    • Shelf heights can be adjusted if products are rearranged or undergo constant placement change
    • Shelves can be accessed from all four sides, allowing for multiple access angles and applications
  • Installing fixed stairs to create access:
    • From one structure level to another where regular travel is necessary
    • To equipment operating platforms requiring routine attention

AJ Enterprises provides a shelving supported mezzanine solution to fit with your company, your products and your storage methods. Contact our mezzanine experts today to schedule a storage space consultation and install the best mezzanine solution to enhance your business.

For a shelving supported mezzanine installation quote, CALL AJ Enterprises at 262.391.5058 TODAY!

Structural Supported Mezzanine

AJ Enterprises can install your structural mezzanine quickly and efficiently, usually without interrupting normal work schedules or interfering with the duties of floor workers. Our heavy-duty structural mezzanines are excellent for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and other areas where more space is needed.

Structural supported mezzanines provide a high quality, affordable solution for companies to expand their workspace and increase worker performance and output. Designed for reliability and durability, our structural mezzanines include:

  • Heavy duty columns to provide the strength and load capacity required for industrial and commercial applications
  • A wide selection of mezzanine stairs and handrails to meet specified code for your area or business
  • High quality, zinc plated steel bolts and heavy duty steel angles for quick, uniform installation guaranteeing a solid connection for maximum strength and support
  • Multiple flooring options to match the type of work your company does or the intended use of your structural mezzanine

Our structural supported mezzanines can be customized to best serve your business. Contact our Wisconsin structural mezzanine installation experts today to discuss what we can do to maximize your work space, improve work flow and save you money.

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For a structural supported mezzanine installation quote, CALL AJ Enterprises at 262.391.5058 TODAY!

Mezzanine Gates and Rails

AJ Enterprises is committed to providing the highest quality mezzanine safety gates and rails available for all forms of mezzanine structures. All of our mezzanine gates and rails satisfy strict OSHA and BOCA code requirements, ensuring the safety of your employees while maximizing your available storage space by:

  • Acting as both a handrail and a barrier, keeping objects from falling to lower levels and stopping any potential employee injury:
    • Mezzanine gates can be attached to staircases, ladders, or open areas
    • Mezzanine gates are available in a wide range of sizes capable of accommodating any entry point
    • All entry gates are spring loaded, ensuring they open and close easily while providing the greatest level of safety possible
    • Pivot safety gates and overhead safety gates allow employees to safely move pallets, skids, containers and other loads on and off your mezzanine, preventing injury when pallets or skids are lowered
  • Mezzanine handrails are available in a diverse range of options, including:
    • Open bar
    • Wire mesh
    • Wood paneling

For the most affordable prices, quickest installation and best service, contact the Wisconsin mezzanine installation experts at AJ Enterprises today to discuss installing a high quality mezzanine safety gate or handrail to improve your work space.

For a mezzanine gates and rails installation quote, CALL AJ Enterprises at 262.391.5058 TODAY!

Mezzanine Flooring

The warehouse storage professionals at AJ Enterprises are experts in recommending, designing and installing durable, high quality mezzanine flooring for Wisconsin and Illinois distribution centers and warehouses. Installing the optimal flooring option ensures a productive, safe and sturdy support system for your workers, equipment and merchandise.

  • All AJ Enterprises mezzanine flooring is designed and installed to meet building department guidelines and specifications
  • Our knowledgeable flooring specialists can recommend and install flooring to withstand any level of wear, including:
    • Simple foot traffic and light cart movement
    • Constant movement of heavy duty pallet jacks and weighed-down shipping containers
  • Mezzanine decking can be constructed with a wide range of materials from simple decking options to moisture resistant or non-combustible materials, including:
    • Plywood
    • Bar grating
    • Floor plating
    • Corrugated steel
    • Concrete

Whether your flooring is meant for additional work space or a heavy duty high capacity storage system, AJ Enterprises will install the exact floor your business needs. Contact our mezzanine flooring specialists today to discuss which type of high quality mezzanine flooring is right for your business or storage system.

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For a mezzanine flooring installation quote, CALL AJ Enterprises at 262.391.5058 TODAY!

Mezzanine Staircases

Optimized expansion of your warehouse’s usable space often requires mezzanine stairway installation. AJ Enterprises will increase your workspace and workflow with the most advantageous mezzanine stairway designs available. Our mezzanine staircase professionals will:

  • Ensure all mezzanine staircases are high quality, durable and safe:
    • We have years of experience meeting state and local regulations for safety
    • We’ll be glad to advise you on laws regarding building permits
    • We create a solution to give you maximum safety and floor space
  • Plan and implement your optimal mezzanine and stairway configuration with consideration of the following:
    • Layout
    • Space
    • Storage opportunities
    • Expected amount of employee traffic

AJ Enterprises has years of experience providing warehouses with additional usable space options. From planning, to design, to installation, we customize an accessible, optimized upper storage or work area to suit the needs of your business. We have the experience and expertise to solve all your warehouse installation or removal problems, including setting up or relocating modular offices, computer rooms, cafeterias and more. From our same-day quotes to timely completions, AJ Enterprises provides cost-effective and professional solutions.

Let our warehouse space solution professionals fulfill your additional storage or work space needs. From Wisconsin to Illinois and the rest of America, AJ Enterprises is proud to draw upon our years of on-site experience in mezzanine staircase installation and design. Call our mezzanine installation experts today.

For a mezzanine staircase installation quote, CALL AJ Enterprises at 262.391.5058 TODAY!