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Drive in Racking for Wisconsin Warehouses

Drive In Racking Wisconsin

Benefits of a Drive in Pallet Racking System

Drive in Racking from AJ Enterprise Improves Warehouse Storage

Wisconsin warehouses are turning to drive in racking installation with AJ Enterprises thanks to the money and space it saves. A less expensive storage option, this last-in, first-out pallet shelving offers up to seven times more storage capacity than traditional floor stacking.

How Drive In Racking Works 

Loading and receiving from the same side, drive-in pallet racking is considered the perfect shelving for storing high volumes of the same product with no expiration date. In other words, drive-in racking...

  • Requires forklift operators to remove products from the same point they entered from.
  • Can be installed with an opening on one or both ends of the aisle.
  • Is best used for storing non-time sensitive products.

Its pretty simple: warehouses who install this type of racking are focused on balancing maximum storage capacity while staying under budget. With only one or two entry points, operators can only enter and exit from one point. Contact AJ Enterprises for more information on this racking option today!

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The Best Drive in Racking Supplier in Wisconsin & Illinois

Have Narrow Aisle Racking Installed in Your High Rack Warehouse to Save Money

If you're interested in storing large quantities of seasonal goods you know will sell fast, a drive-in pallet rack system from the leading drive in racking company in Wisconsin is your best choice to maximize product density within the confines of your existing floor space. This narrow aisle racking option is often installed in a high rack warehouse looking to exploit the benefits of this shelving option, including: 

  • Durable Construction to Combat Risk of Forklift Damage
  • Easier Bay Access with Strategic Entry Construction
  • Safer Work Environments Thanks to Welded Rails
  • Convenient Space Usage with Custom Racking Designs
  • Efficient Work Days with Double Entry Drive-In
  • Affordable & Fast Installation of Pallet Racks
AJ Enterprises has been installing drive-in racking for years, serving Milwaukee, Waukesha, Green Bay and Madison warehouses with the services they need to keep their businesses running efficiently. Don't limit yourself to traditional pallet racking methods and make the switch to a more modern and efficient stacking method. Call now for more information regarding our drive in racking!
Contact AJ Enterprises today for drive in racking installation!