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Nationwide Service from Midwest's Most Trusted Name in Rack Install & Repair

At AJ Enterprises, our trained warehouse professionals offer multiple services including pallet rack installation and repair, mezzanine installation, and modular office installation. Additionally, we provide installations and removal for all manner of warehouse equipment, from palletizers to conveyor systems.

Our superior pallet racking installations are provided with the best value for warehouses of all sizes.

The 20 years of experience we utilize in pallet racking installation gives us the ability to install pallet racks of any make and model. This includes anything from pushback racking to drive thru pallet racking and teardrop style pallet racking to multi-level pallet racking.

We not only offer the best pallet rack installations in Wisconsin but also the best pallet rack repairs. Our repairs can save you 50% or more compared to the price of installing new pallet racks. AJ Enterprises will send a representative to your warehouse to give you a repair estimate and explain to you why our repairs will be more efficient and cost effective than having new pallet racking installed.

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We strive to provide our clients with the best services instead of striving for a larger profit like other pallet rack installation companies.

Our mezzanine installations are done with the same quality and precision as our pallet rack installations. We can install any mezzanine make and model including storage mezzanines, rack mezzanines, mezzanine gates and rails, and more.

AJ Enterprises also offers superior module office installations.

Whether you need a dark room, restroom, computer room, work station, or more, our warehouse professionals have the expertise to install module offices in any warehouse. These modular offices can be completely enclosed, sound proof, air tight, air conditioned, windowless, or to any other specification you require of your new modular office.

Our services do not stop with installations but expand into disassembly and removal of pallet racks, mezzanines, and module offices. Use AJ Enterprises for all of your warehouse installation and removal needs, you will not be disappointed in our prices or standard of work.

Take a look at a sampling of the warehouse installation and disassembly work performed by AJ Enterprises. As you can see, we have performed pallet rack installation and removal as well as general warehouse installation and disassembly jobs around the country including Florida and Kentucky for a wide variety of Fortune 500 companies like General Mills, John Deere and Harley Davidson Motor Company to very small warehouse operations.

Contact us to find out the difference real warehouse storage solutions experts can make in your facility.

Warehouse Installation and Disassembly Projects
Conveyor Installation, Franklin Wisconsin
Volkswagon-Audi Modular Office Disassembly Jacksonville Florida
Pallet Rack Installation, Louisville Kentucky
Shelving Unit Disassembly, Jacksonville Florida
Pallet Racking Disassembly - Jacksonville Florida
Pallet Rack Disassembly, Jacksonville Florida
Shelving Disassembly in Jacksonville Florida
Beloit Wisconsin Pallet Rack Installation
MDR Belted Conveyor Installation, Beloit Wisconsin
3-Deep Push Back Rack Installation- Milwaukee, Wisconsin
12-Deep Pallet Flow Installation- Manawa, Wisconsin
2 Level Rack Supported Mezzanine Installation- Manitowoc, Wisconsin
Pallet Flow Installation - Manitowoc, Wisconsin
Select Pallet Rack Installation- Manawa, Wisconsin
4 Deep Drive In Pallet Rack- Sheboygan, Wisconsin
2500 pallet position- 3 deep, 3 level push back New Berlin, WI