2,500 pallet position- 3 deep, 3 level push back New Berlin, WI

2,500 pallet position- 3 deep, 3 level push back New Berlin, WI

Pushback Pallet Racking create over 50% more storage space 

A liquor distribution company in New Berlin, Wisconsin required a warehouse installation project comprising of a 2,500 pallet position, 3 deep, 3 tier push-back pallet rack system.  Pushback pallet racking is excellent for identical inventory items or products common to the food and beverage, printing manufacturing, medical, automotive, and distribution industries. Pushback pallet racking produces 90% more storage space than standard or select pallet racking by eliminating honeycombing, reducing the number of storage aisles needed and allowing storage of pallets up to 5 deep.

Pushback pallet racking features interlocking carts on which the inventory items or products are stored. The interlocking carts prevent the pallet jamming and product damaging plaguing other pallet racking systems while delivering increased employee productivity and distribution flow. Pushback pallet racking is an excellent storage solution for industries storing identical inventory and product items where stock rotation is unnecessary.

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