Wisconsin Warehouse Disassembly Solutions

Wisconsin Warehouse Disassembly Service

Experienced Professionals Complete Safe Warehouse Clean up

Taking down a warehouse requires more than just a group of general workers. It takes an experienced team with proper direction and equipment. It needs to follow the design of the warehouse by skilled AJ Enterprises workers who take into account of our client’s warehouse, storage considerations and other important factors other movers do not realize.

We understand it takes time running a fully operational warehouse. We know you may not know the most efficient way to disassemble your warehouse and other large scale equipment. At AJ Enterprises, our crews specialize in the removal of warehouse materials. We have the resources to help you disassemble any size warehouse.

Reasons for Warehouse Disassembly

AJ Enterprises has years of experience in every aspect of the warehouse industry from pallet rack installationcomplete mezzanine installation to warehouse removal and installation. We have helped companies disassemble their warehouses for a number of reasons including:

  • Business relocation
  • Required equipment installation or update
  • Replacing damaged material
  • Warehouse closing or shutdown



AJ Enterprise Warehouse Disassembly Advantages

Our biggest responsibility when evaluating a warehouse project is safety. We take into consideration the design, the equipment and the material in your warehouse location to determine the most cost-effective strategy. Safety is not just about our own wellbeing, it is also about the safety of your products and warehouse.

We want to give AJ Enterprise customers to have the option to scrap warehouse materials to offset any costs you have for disassembling your warehouse. Any scrap value or resale value we can provide we will!!!.

Our biggest advantages are:

  • Proven universal system to remove warehouse materials
  • Continual access to any equipment during work
  • Significant organizational improvement
  • Maximum adaptability to any warehouse layout
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