Wisconsin & Illinois Warehouse Installations & Teardown Services

AJ Enterprises is your complete warehouse equipment installation, disassembly, removal, and repair company. We will install or remove any and all warehouse equipment from mezzanines and modular offices to jib cranes, bridge cranes, and material handling conveyors. There is nothing in your warehouse that the pallet racking and mezzanine installation experts at AJ Enterprises cannot handle.

We proudly serve Wisconsin, Illinois, & Minnesota.

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Warehouse Equipment Specialists Serving Businesses Near and Far

We perform warehouse equipment installation for cities all across the Midwest. If you have a storage facility in Kenosha, Madison or Chicago we’ll deliver superior racking technology to ensure your business has safe, secure and efficient means for storing your commodities.

We serve more than just the Midwest. If your company is as far south as Texas, or as far west as California, or up north by Michigan then you’re in luck. AJ Enterprises installs warehouse equipment to businesses across the US.

AJ Enterprises provides a range of racking options. Whether you require cantilever racking or drive in pallet racking, we provide the solutions most optimal to meet your storage needs. Simply get a quote and let’s find out what you need today!

Pallet Rack Installation

Overloaded storage rackingAJ Enterprises holds the level of expertise to install any brand or type of pallet racking. Our pallet rack installation crew has extensive experience installing standard select pallet racking, pushback racking, drive in and drive through pallet racking, cantilever racking, pallet flow racking, and multi-level racking systems in Wisconsin and Illinois. AJ Enterprises' Milwaukee pallet rack professionals utilize their knowledge in helping you choose a pallet racking system or other material handling storage solution based on your facilities' space, product inventory, and distribution flow. We offer the most comprehensive Wisconsin pallet racking installation services in respect to your facilities structural and aesthetic integrity, from initial pallet racking layout conducive to your facility's design to vacuuming up the last particle of concrete dust, you won't find a more thoroughly professional Wisconsin pallet rack installation company than AJ Enterprises. There is no Wisconsin pallet rack installation job too big or too small for AJ Enterprises. No other pallet rack installation company in Wisconsin or Illinois offers our level of pallet rack installation expertise and service, and AJ Enterprises remains price competitive with less experienced, less professional pallet racking installation companies.


Wisconsin and Illinois Pallet Rack Repair

Illinois pallet racking repair from AJ Enterprises will save you 50+% on the cost of installing new pallet racking. Our Wisconsin pallet rack installation team is well experienced in pallet racking repair techniques returning your racking's structural integrity, load capacity, and appearance to like-new condition. We are skilled in repairing any pallet rack brand or style, from Milwaukee pushback pallet racking repair to Chicago cantilever racking repair, AJ Enterprises is the Milwaukee pallet rack repair professionals saving you hundreds, even thousands on your material handling needs. Make sure you contact AJ Enterprises about repairing your pallet racking before you even think of paying for new pallet rack installation.

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Mezzanine Installation

AJ Enterprises installs mezzanines in Wisconsin and Illinois from all major mezzanine manufacturers. Our Milwaukee mezzanine installation experts are experienced in installing any mezzanine style, from one-story, light load-bearing mezzanine structures to multi-tier order picking modules with shelving units and staircases. AJ Enterprises is the Wisconsin mezzanine installation company devoted to careful assessment of your facility's structure and distribution layout providing you the optimal material handling solution. We offer mezzanine installations with a lifetime warranty, doubling your warehouse storage space indefinitely. AJ Enterprises is the Milwaukee mezzanine installation company to dismantle and relocate your existing mezzanine. Save money by cutting out the middle man, and hiring AJ Enterprises to do your mezzanine installation. No other Mezzanine installation company in the Milwaukee or Chicago area is as professional or responsive.

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Modular Office Installation

Modular Office in warehouseAJ Enterprises installs modular offices of all types and for all possible uses. Wisconsin modular office installation services from AJ Enterprises transforms your warehouse space while saving you money. A modular office installation from AJ Enterprises increases the productivity of warehouse managers and other shop supervisors by providing a safe quiet work environment close to the action. Our modular office installations will transform your warehouse space into an office, cafeteria, restroom or virtually any room. We offer various modular office installations, from utilitarian one person single story open ceiling modular offices to multi-person, two-tiered cozy modular offices with air conditioning, wall insulation, windows, roof decking, drop ceilings and partitioned work stations.  AJ Enterprises is the Wisconsin modular office installation company to dismantle, relocate and re-assemble your existing modular office system. See why we're the leading modular office installation company in Milwaukee and Chicago, call AJ Enterprises today to find out what our modular office installation services can do for you.

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General Warehouse Equipment Installation and Removal Service

Warehouse equipment specialists install, repair, and remove pallet flow systems and other racking for companies in Milwaukee, Chicago and other citiesCovering every area of our warehouse installation and removal services is nearly impossible. The best rule of thumb is, "If it goes in a warehouse, AJ Enterprise is the Milwaukee warehouse equipment installation team to install or remove it. From shrink wrappers, palletizers, tape machines, automation systems, jib cranes, and much more, AJ Enterprises is the best choice for Illinois and Wisconsin warehouse shelving installation services. AJ Enterprises offers more than professional warehouse equipment installation. Our Wisconsin warehouse equipment installation crew informs you of the warehouse equipment preferred by other working professionals in your industry. Their expertise allows you to make an informed decision when choosing the warehouse equipment to best fulfill your needs. When you hire AJ Enterprises for your warehouse teardown/ removal and installation needs, you will see why we are the preferred warehouse installation company in Milwaukee, Chicago, Madison, Green Bay and throughout the Midwest.

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