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A mezzanine is a free-standing, elevated platform designed to use floor-to-ceiling space more effectively by providing additional levels for work or storage. Mezzanines can add up to 50% more storage to your existing space. Most models of mezzanine floors can be easily deconstructed and relocated, providing flexibility for your workspace. AJ Enterprises is an experienced installer of warehouse and material storage equipment. Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we provide mezzanines for warehouses across the United States.

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To install a mezzanine floor, the experts at AJ Enterprises consult with you throughout the entire process:

  1. Planning: Our mezzanine installers help you select the type of mezzanine to maximize the functionality of your workspace. We offer consultations to assess your space and are equipped to provide same-day quotes.
  2. Design: AJ Enterprises designs & customizes your mezzanine to fit your needs and space.
  3. Installation: Our experts perform quick and cost-effective installation. Have an old mezzanine level? AJ Enterprises Installation professionals will deconstruct or move your old mezzanine.

AJ Enterprises performs installation of all major brands of mezzanines for warehouses:

No company offers better service or mezzanine installation value. Cut out the middleman and contact AJ Enterprises.

A properly installed mezzanine with a lifetime warranty will double your warehouse space forever. AJ Enterprises will also disassemble or move your old mezzanine. When you contact AJ Enterprises for a quote, we will get back to you the same day. 

AJ Enterprises also excels in Wisconsin modular office installation, pallet rack installation, and all other warehouse installation to help you make the best possible use of your space. Take care of all your disassembly, removal, and installation needs at once with AJ Enterprises and take your warehouse functionality to the next level.
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The mezzanines we construct add value by optimizing your work space. We offer:

AJ Enterprises is an experienced provider of warehouses with additional space options. We plan, design, and install accessible, optimized upper storage to suit the needs of your business. We have the expertise to provide all your warehouse removal or installation solutions, including setting up or relocating modular offices, computer rooms, cafeterias and more. From our same-day quotes to timely completions, AJ Enterprises provides professional solutions.

AJ Enterprises is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Some of our primary locations served include:



  • Minneapolis
  • Saint Paul
  • Duluth
  • Brooklyn Park
  • Maple Grove
  • Eden Praire
  • Roseville
  • Golden Valley
  • Maple Grove


  • Chicago
  • Joliet
  • Rockford
  • Naperville
  • Peoria
  • Elgin
  • Aurora
  • Des Plaines
  • Lisle

Even though we’re based in the Midwest, AJ Enterprises installs and removes warehouse equipment throughout the US. It doesn't matter if your business is in the far south of Houston, Texas or by the sunny beaches of Los Angeles, California. If you need a mezzanine floor, AJ Enterprises can deliver the value.

We are America’s go-to mezzanine installation professionals. Don’t take our word for it-- our customers’ testimonials say it all.

We have performed warehouse installation and removal work for a wide variety of well-known companies, including:

Let our mezzanine installers fulfill your additional storage or workspace needs. From Wisconsin to Illinois and the rest of America, AJ Enterprises is proud to draw upon years of on-site experience in mezzanine staircase installation and design. Call our mezzanine installation experts at 262-391-5058 today.

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