Belt Conveyor System Design and Installation: Material Handling Efficiency

Belt Conveyor Systems Design and InstallationAt AJ Enterprises, we understand the pivotal role efficient material handling plays in the success of your warehouse or industrial facility. Our Belt Conveyor Systems offer a versatile and straightforward solution to streamline your operations, ensuring seamless transportation of goods from Point A to Point B. See how AJ Enterprises can upgrade your material handling solutions with our conveyor systems.


What is a Belt Conveyor System?

A Belt Conveyor System is a fundamental and versatile material handling solution that relies on two or more pulleys to drive an endless loop belt. Fabric or rubber belts are commonly used, forming a continuous loop that propels products along the conveyor's path.


How Belt Conveyor Systems Work

Endless Loop Movement

The system operates with two or more pulleys, where the belt continuously moves in an endless loop. This loop effectively transports goods, such as totes, packaged items, bulk boxes, and more, from one point to another.

Simplicity in Design

AJ Enterprises designs and builds Belt Conveyor Systems ranging from 5' to 102' in length and widths from 6" to 72", providing flexibility for various applications.

Installation and Versatility

Due to their simplicity in design and construction, our motorized belt conveyors are easily installed. These systems are excellent for transporting regular and irregular-shaped objects, making them suitable for a wide range of industries.

Types of Belt Conveyor Systems

Conveyor Type Description Application
Slider Bed Belt Conveyor Flat surface for conveying, Ideal for light loads and flat-bottomed items, Minimizes friction for horizontal transport, Cost-effective and straightforward design Horizontal material transport
Roller Bed Cylindrical tubes mounted on a frame, Suitable for heavier loads, Offers gravity-driven or motor-powered options, Ideal when a flat surface is not necessary Versatile for various load types
Incline Belt - Slider Inclined design for angled material transport, Uses slider bed surface, suitable for light loads, Ideal for conveying items to elevated positions Inclined material transport with light loads
Incline Belt - Roller Similar to incline belt-slider but with rollers, Suitable for heavier loads on inclines, Enhances stability and support during transport, Versatile application Inclined material transport with heavy loads
Troughed Belt Conveyor Features a troughed or V-shaped belt, Prevents spillage and offers better material control, Ideal for bulk materials and preventing material rollback Conveying bulk materials with better control
Trough Drum Conveyor Belt Utilizes drums or pulleys for a troughed shape, Offers enhanced control and stability, Suitable for bulk materials, Ideal for precise material guidance Precise material guidance and bulk transport

The Benefits of Belt Conveyor Systems


Belt Materials Commonly Used

Belt Conveyors vs. Roller Conveyors

Belt conveyors are suitable for handling cast/tote materials, small or irregular items, and inclines/declines. They excel in accumulation with standby modes and require low maintenance. Roller conveyors are easily adjustable, energy-efficient (motorized/gravity rollers), and efficient for sortation with integration capabilities for diverts. Both systems are low maintenance and can incorporate bends, merges, and standby modes.

The selection between belt conveyors and roller conveyors depends on specific application requirements. If handling small or irregular items, managing inclines/declines, or needing efficient accumulation with standby modes are crucial, then standard belt conveyors are preferred. On the other hand, if adaptability for easy modifications, energy efficiency, and efficient sortation with integration capabilities for diverts are key priorities, then roller conveyors become the preferable choice. Understanding the distinct strengths of each system allows for tailored decisions based on the unique needs of the conveyor application.

Belt Conveyor System Design and Installation Services Across the US

Find efficient warehouse solutions in the Midwest with AJ Enterprises. Serving cities including Chicago, IL, Detroit, MI, Des Moines, IA, Indianapolis, IN, Madison, WI, Milwaukee, WI, Minneapolis, MN, and St. Louis, MO. With over 20 years of experience, we cater to both Fortune 500 companies and smaller operations, offering expertise in pallet racking installation, conveyor systems, and more. Located near Milwaukee, our team is ready to optimize your warehouse efficiency.

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