Modular Office Installation Services

Modular Office installation can transform your warehouse space into whatever you need it to be – computer room, cafeteria, clean room, dark room, restroom, work station, and much more. Modular offices can be totally enclosed, air tight, sound proof, air-conditioned, windowed, or windowless – whatever you need. AJ Enterprises is the best choice  modular office installation company for any type of work space from any manufacturer.

Creating custom workspaces nationwide

AJ Enterprises is also the best choice for teardown, dismantling, removal, or relocation of your modular offices. No other modular office installation company in the Chicago/Milwaukee area offers the same level of professionalism and responsiveness as AJ Enterprises. Request a quote right now and we will get back to you right away.

Cut the middleman out of your warehouse installation jobs by hiring AJ Enterprises for all your modular office installation.

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Our modular offices can be set up in any conventional warehouse where space is currently available.  We can set up as many, or as few as you may need, and each contains all of the regular amenities of a traditional office space.  In fact, some added benefits include:



The greatest part of our modular offices is that our crews will have them disassembled, packed up, and your warehouse space back to normal before you even realize we were there.  This is why modular offices are perfect for companies currently undergoing remodeling, or those that simply needed some temporary office space for a short term project.    

In addition we can downsize, upsize, or relocate your office area as you see fit.  Where else are you going to able to find office space that expands only when you need it to?  Some of our name brand offices include:

  • Cubic Designs
  • Portafab
  • Portaking
  • United Partitions
  • Panel Builds
  • National Partitions

Our crews can start the installation process right away, and we’ll have you ready to go in no time at all. 

Contact AJ Enterprises for a free quote on modular office installation and other efficient warehouse storage services.
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