2 Level Rack Supported Mezzanine In Warehouse Environment

2 Level Rack Supported Mezzanine Installation- Manitowoc, Wisconsin

Multi-level Mezzanine racking free your warehouse flow

This two-level pallet rack supported mezzanine was installed in Manitowoc, Wisconsin for a small plastic parts manufacturer. Multi-level pallet racking is excellent for warehouses and distribution centers with limited floor space employing hand-pick order selecting systems operating on multiple levels.  Multi-level racking utilizes floor-to-ceiling warehouse space, freeing up more floor space for manufacturing and distribution. Products stored in this multi-level pallet rack system can be easily transported off the shelves or racking and onto conveyors, forklifts, and other warehouse equipment, keeping your distribution cycle flowing.

Our multi-level pallet racking systems are custom installed to your building’s design and distribution output. We can enhance any multi-level pallet racking system with non-slip commercial flooring, custom stairways, freight elevators, shelving units and limitless other designs for optimizing your businesses’ hand-pick order selecting system and personnel’s performance.

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