4 Deep Drive-In Pallet Rack Loaded with Stock and Pallets inf Warehouse Environment

4 Deep Drive-In Pallet Rack- Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Drive-In Pallet Racks enhance last in, last out systems

A temperature-controlled food warehouse in Sheboygan, Wisconsin needed a Pallet Rack install, so we installed 45 bays, 4 deep, 3 high right on budget and on schedule.

Drive-In Storage Rack configurations allow forklifts to drive directly into the lane of stacked rows (called a bay). Drive-in racking systems have only one entrance, this LIFO (last in, first out) storage method provides outstanding storage density. Drive-in racks make better use of the available surface and height space than any other rack storage system. Drive-in racking can efficiently store 75% more pallets. When storage space is critical or large quantities with small variety where use is not restricted by expiration dates, quick turn around rates are needed. Our Drive-In Storage Racks offer an excellent cost-effective system.

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