Pallet Rack Disassembly in a Warehouse in Jacksonville Florida

Pallet Rack Disassembly, Jacksonville Florida

Safe, quick, and affordable Pallet Rack Disassembly

Our team completed this pallet rack disassembly in Jacksonville Florida for a Volkswagen-Audi parts distribution center. They completed the entire pallet rack disassembly in three weeks; disassembling 1,500 pallet rack frames, 12,000 pallet rack beams, and 6,500 wire decks. 

Our pallet rack disassembly crew clears your facility of all pallet racking and warehouse equipment from floor to ceiling so your facility can continue operating efficiently and safely. We also remove your pallet racking from your facility carefully, to ensure integrity in the pallet rack for future resale and use.

To prioritize safety in a pallet rack disassembly, our pallet rack team grinds each pallet rack anchor bolt flush to the concrete for foot traffic in addition to hardware cleanup and binding of your used pallet rack for safe transportation to a new facility or an auction block.  

Contact the experts at AJ Enterprises today to schedule a free quote on pallet rack installation, pallet rack disassembly, or check out our full selection of affordable, refurbished used pallet racking in Chicago and Milwaukee.
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